Why pay $25,000 for All-On-4 . Our Price $11,900 . FREE CT SCAN!

Why pay $25,000 for All-On-4 . Our Price $11,900 . FREE CT SCAN!

Why pay $25,000 for All-On-4 - Our Price $11,900 - FREE CT SCAN

Price List


Bionic Smile Procedure
(normally $30,000)
(Superior to All-On-Four Denture)
(normally $25,000)
(Replaced by 12 "real" teeth permanently screwed on 6 Implants)
Pre-existing Mandibular Denture
Anchored to 3 Titanium Implants
Pre-existing Maxillary Denture
Anchored to 4 Titanium Implants


Zirconia Implant Crown
(per implant tooth)
Zirconia Crown Retainer for Implant Bridge
(per tooth)
Zirconia Crown Pontic for Implant Bridge
(per tooth)
Single Dental Implant
(normally $1250)
Implant Healing Cap
(per implant tooth)
Implant Abutment Connector for Crown
(per implant tooth)
Temporary Crown for Abutment Connector


Extractions Special
(normally $375 per tooth)
Interim Denture
Conscious Sedation
Bone Preservation Plasma
(per tooth)
Bleeding Control Plug
(per site)
Regulated Hazardous Waste Disposal
(per tooth)
Mandibular Tori Removal
(per side)
Palatal Tori Removal
Maxillary Exostoses Removal
(per side)
Lateral Sinus Lift
(left or right side)
Vertical Sinus Lift
Bone Graft
(per tooth)

*The above cash up front prices listed are drastically discounted from our usual and customary fees.

*Additional cost procedures may be required for implants, crowns, dentures, extractions, bridges, denture repairs.

*A full set of teeth refers to a complete upper or lower set of teeth.

* Dental implant includes surgical placement of implant only.

*Call for details on crown and bridge materials used.