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Why pay $25,000 for ALL-ON-4 IMPLANTS?

All-on-4 Implants

full upper or lower set of 12 “real” zirconia teeth permanently screwed on 4 implants


or Payment Plan $350/month

Why are we better than our competitors?

100% Zirconia Teeth

Payment Plans Available with No Money Down!

Our financing companies only work with credit scores with 680+



Financing in 60 Seconds


"Hi, my name is Michael and I’m in charge of the finance department at Bionic Smile. Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to be rich to get implants. I meet a lot of nice people every day who just don’t have the money sitting in the bank. Most of the payment plans we offer do not require you to put any money down. Other small dental offices generally use only one or maybe two finance companies. At Bionic Smile we have up to six finance companies at our disposal. Since we work with so many more finance companies we can usually offer more payment plan options to our customers and we can try and help those with less than great credit. We work with the lenders to compete for your business. This way, my team can help tailor your payment plan to what suits you best. The applications are really quick and once they’re submitted we can usually get them approved in about sixty seconds."


Why Bionic Smile Costs Less


"Hi, I’m Jamee. We offer free implant consultations and one of the most common questions that we get asked is 'How can Bionic Smile charge so much less than other small Dental Offices?'"

"Unlike other dental offices that have only one dentist, our Las Vegas Implant Center has 11 doctors who have full access to all the different types of technologies they need so you can expect to get EVERYTHING done RIGHT HERE. A lot of dental offices will only do four to five implants a month but Bionic Smile does at least ten times that. Because of our sheer size we buy so many more implants than most dental offices and we are able to buy world class implants for a special price."

"Also, with our sophisticated process our company costs are generally much less."